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Chapter 7: Finding, Training and Keeping the Right People

You often hear people say that their “customers are number one.” Of course your customers pay the bills; without them your business would die. But think about this for a moment.

If you were faced with the choice of losing your best customer or your best employee, who would you choose? Given no alternative, most business owners would keep the employee and lose the customer. Why? Because unless your entire business is to serve one or two clients, individual employees have a greater impact on the success of your business than your customers do. Certainly as a group your customers win hands down, but individually the impact of a good or bad employee can be monumental.

Outstanding employees help attract and maintain outstanding customers, more than the other way around. Lose your best employees and your customer service might decline making it difficult to keep your best customers. Keep your best employees and you’ll be able to attract new customers. a regular basis.

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