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Personal Foundation

Your Personal Foundation is a framework, designed to organize and direct your thoughts toward these issues. As important as they are, people rarely give them the attention they deserve. The result, compounded over a lifetime, can be an enormous amount of time and energy spent in the wrong direction.

The three areas of focus for your Personal Foundation are your purpose (we’ll call that your Mission), your Values, and your goals (we’ll call them your Vision). The exercises that follow will help you to define these key aspects of your life, but don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t find your answers right away. It’s an evolutionary process that will likely become a lifelong project.

Your Personal Foundation can be thought of as a Pyramid

  • At the base is your Personal Mission. Your purpose in life. Your reason for being.
  • On the left side are your Personal Values. The rules you strive to live by.
  • On the right side is your Personal Vision. Your Plans. Your Dreams. Your Goals.

Each side of a pyramid supports, and is supported by the other two, making it the strongest geometric shape. Your Mission, Values, and Vision operate in a similar fashion. They function interdependently, supporting and being supported by each other to form a strong foundation for your life. A solid Personal Foundation will maintain its integrity under pressure and support you through any situation.