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In this final section of the Wardell program, you have organized and systemized your mechanisms for growth. Not only have you developed comprehensive promotional and sales systems for your business, you have developed comprehensive systems for your entire business. Of course, you know that you are never really done. The process of continuous growth is now permanently embedded into your corporate culture, but you have reached a significant plateau. You have reached the end of the beginning.

As a result of this program your business has undoubtedly already experienced growth, but in reality you are just getting started. You now have a solid base from which to grow, but where you go from here depends only on your dreams and your desires. Your life is your own. You have taken hold of the reins and become the master of your own destiny. It’s an accomplishment most people envy, but few people understand.

As you carry on with your future, your Business Development Calendar will continue to act as your guide. Stay current with it. Use it to keep your business on track and update it as necessary. You have made commendable progress, but as you know full well, a business must continue to evolve if it is to remain healthy and strong.

As you continue with your business development, you will find a few holes here and there; things that need updating or even simple policies that need replacing with organized systems. Your Business Development Calendar will remind you to fill these holes as they show up, allowing you to review the various aspects of your business structure in an organized fashion and updating or improve them as necessary. In some ways it is like the regular maintenance you must do on your car. No matter how good a car it is, if you ignore it for too long it will eventually start to deteriorate.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Look back over all you have accomplished and take a moment to feel proud. Remind yourself of the distance you have come since you first identified your Personal Mission in Leadership. Enjoy the feeling of success. You deserve it because you’ve earned it.

Now take a moment to look ahead. Your future is beckoning you. Life is full of opportunity. What will you make of it? With courage and conviction, anyone can fashion a business and a life of their own design. You are living proof.

"The most important word in sales is “TRUST”. Lose it and you lose not just the sale, but the customer as well."

- Mark Wardell