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The Presentation

The Presentation

In this phase, you will present or demonstrate your products or services to your prospects. Be sure to emphasize those features you have identified as solutions to your prospect’s needs. If you are selling shoes to someone with sore feet, for example, emphasize comfort. Of course, in some cases this will happen simultaneously with the solutions phase. All that really matters is that both phases actually occur.

Since the purchase decision is primarily an emotional decision, your presentations should impact the senses. So provide samples and use visual aids whenever possible. If you sell cookies, offer your prospects samples to taste. If you manufacture scratch-resistant counter tops, bring a sample and a wire brush and ask your prospect to try to scratch the surface. If you sell automobiles, take them on a test drive. Don’t just show them. Invite them to participate. When you get their senses and emotions involved, your chances for making a sale dramatically increase.

My father-in-law owns his own business and is the company's top salesman. He explained to me his philosophy on selling. "An average salesperson tells, a superior salesperson demonstrats, but a great salesperson inspires the buyer to see the benefits as their own."

What is the best format for demonstrating your products or services? Use the space below to work out the presentation portion of your Sales System.