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Pre-Presentation Checklist

Pre-Presentation Checklist

It is extremely important that all goes well when you give a sales presentation. For this reason, everything should be double checked before you, or your salespeople, get in front of a prospect. You shouldn’t have to worry about missing batteries while demonstrating the functions of a remote control, for example.

The simple solution is to keep a checklist of the things that need to be done in order to ensure an outstanding, trouble-free presentation and to review this list regularly. If you need power, for example, bring an extension cord. Then, have an alternative plan should something go wrong with the power. If you plan for the worst you will be prepared for the worst, and your company will look great despite the occasional, and inevitable, mishap.

  • Prospect information sheet
  • Contact information
  • Meeting location and time
  • Q & A handouts (quantity__ )
  • Needs Analysis forms (quantity__ )
  • Product samples (quantity__ )
  • Projector with extra bulb
  • Laptop computer loaded with presentation
  • Presentation software backup disk
  • Power source
  • Backup power source
  • Extra-long extension cord
  • Other:

Design your own presentation preparation list in the space below and incorporate it into your Sales System.