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Answer Questions

Answer Questions

Your prospects are looking for “logical reasons” to support their “emotional decisions” to buy, and it is your Sales System’s job to provide those reasons. In other words, you need to give your prospects a reason to buy. Certainly your Needs Analysis provides an enormous opportunity to do so, but your customers will come up with questions of their own as well. Your salespeople’s ability to answer those questions to the satisfaction of each prospect will greatly impact their chances for a sale. Fortunately, many of these questions can be anticipated. As unique as each of your prospects are, it is highly likely that you or your salespeople hear a similar set of questions on a regular basis. Get together with your sales staff and compare notes.

What information about your products, your services, or your business in general is of greatest interest to your prospects? Your salespeople must be experts when it comes to this information, so it is important that they have it at their fingertips.

Below, we’ll create a “Vital Statistics” document for this very purpose. It will become a training and reference document for answering your prospects most common questions.

Not only will this ensure that your prospects questions are answered properly, but it will give your salespeople a heightened level of confidence when the questions start coming.

Review the following Vital Statistics document, noting which ones apply to your business.

  • Products/Services offered
  • Special features
  • Options
  • Price and quantity discounts
  • Shop size
  • Equipment specifications
  • Turn around time
  • Materials used
  • Minimum and maximum order sizes
  • Production flexibility (ability to do custom work)
  • Delivery options / capabilities

Generate your own "Vital Statistics" document in the space below. This will become part of your overall Sales System.

In addition, you may wish to generate a list of your prospects most frequently asked questions along with some suggested responses. Don't worry about handling objections at this point, we'll deal with them in the following section.

Q: I'm at work during your regular business hours, is there a way I can pick my order up outside of these hours? A: If you give us a call, one of us will be happy to stay late one evening. Or for a small delivery charge we’d be pleased to drop it off for you and save you the trip.