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Organizational Structure

  1. Strategic positions (VP Sales for example)— These positions are responsible for the “strategic planning” functions of your marketing department. Make sure you play an active roll in this process.

  2. Marketing positions — These positions are responsible for getting your marketing message out to your Target Market with the purpose of attracting warm prospects.

  3. Sales positions — These positions are responsible for converting your prospects into customers.

  4. Customer services positions — These positions are responsible for establishing positive, long-term customer relationships. It is their job to turn customers into lifelong clients. This may be part of your Operations department (i.e. technical support) or your Sales department (i.e. follow-up by salespeople), depending on the overall structure of your business.

Following is a sample organizational chart, demonstrating how these various positions might work together.

sales org chart

Research shows that most B to B sales people spend less than 30% of their time actually selling. By restructuring the department and re-writing position outlines and performance objectives accordingly, you can act to increase sales significantly.