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Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance and Cleaning

A clean and well-maintained facility has a positive impact on your business for a variety of reasons. The most obvious one is that it presents a good image to your customers, supporting their decision to do business with you, but an often-overlooked benefit is the impact it has on your employees. A pleasant working environment makes work more enjoyable and happy employees tend to be more productive. Of course more productive employees are more cost effective, so a well-maintained facility can actually help reduce labour costs.

In addition to the indirect benefits of happier customers and employees, a well maintained facility could save you money directly as well. This is because it generally costs less to maintain a facility than it does to pay for the results of neglect down the road.

Facility Maintenance and Cleaning System

There are two basic types of facility maintenance…facility upkeep and regular cleaning. While we'll tackle these two activities through one system here, if your needs are such, go ahead and treat them as separate.

Use the space below to list the regular maintenance and cleaning activities that will keep your facility looking its best. Don't forget the long-term maintenance activities, such as an annual coat of paint, or spot repairs, such as replacing a broken tile. If your cleaners do not have the necessary skills for certain repairs, they could report those problems through a subsystem so that they can be solved through other means.

Remember to create the necessary forms and sub-systems to make sure that your facility maintenance activities are up to standard. For example, if you want to have your front windows cleaned every day, include this activity on a checklist of daily cleaning activities. You may even wish to write a simple system explaining how and when to do this.