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Your Marketing Systems

Based on your current information, how can you best communicate your marketing message to your Target Market? Identify the Marketing Channels below that would work best for your business. This information will help you lay out your marketing activities for the year a little further along.

Print advertising

Direct response


Display/Outdoor advertising

Word of mouth

Promotional/Specialty items

Special events and promotions

Online marketing


Your Marketing Systems

Your marketing systems organize the myriad of activities that guide new customers your way. This could include everything from product displays to newspaper ads to sophisticated inbound marketing campaigns.

In general, the better the job you do with your marketing, the more efficient you can be with your Sales. Your goal then, is to design your marketing systems to carry your prospects as far into your sales system as possible. They should then experience a seamless transition from one to the other.

Sometimes the line between Sales and Marketing can be blurry. A sales call, for example, could move quickly from a “marketing activity” to a “sales activity” as the prospect begins to show an interest. Once again, do what makes sense when designing systems for your business. In a situation like that, you might decide to design one system to handle both aspects of the call. In the end, the proof will be in its usage. No matter how much effort goes into a system design, it must work properly in the real world if it's to have any practical value.

Pull your information together and create your Marketing System.