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Marketing Campaign Objectives

As with all systems in your business, your marketing must have a clear purpose. If you or your people are not clear on the objective of any given marketing campaign, give it some serious thought. Any marketing campaign will have an impact on your business, the question is, what kind of impact?

So, before you begin to design a marketing campaign, decide exactly what you hope to achieve with it. At first thought this may all seem overly academic. After all, isn’t the purpose of any marketing campaign to increase sales? In general, that’s true, but to be truly really useful, it’s too vague. To get real value from a marketing campaign, you need to be specific about your goals. Your marketing efforts can absorb a large amount of resources, especially money, so it's important they be directed toward a specific and ideally measurable objective.

Some examples of marketing objectives are:

  1. To increase your market share of your Target Market.
  2. To increase the sales of a particular product or service.
  3. To expand your sales into a new demographic segment.
  4. To introduce a new product or service to your Target Market.
  5. To increase your brand awareness.
  6. To sell more to existing customers.
  7. To announce a new location.
  8. To show your support for a worthy cause or organization.
  9. To alter your company’s image in the minds of your prospects.

Marketing Objectives should be designed to serve your Market Position and ultimately your company-wide Strategic Objectives. Keep this in mind as you determine the purpose of your next marketing campaign.

What do you wish to accomplish through your marketing campaigns? Document your most important marketing objectives in the space below.