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Marketing Materials

For many of your marketing systems, you produce a variety of promotional materials. You may need brochures, coupons, magazine advertisements, a website, social media profiles, apps and more.

Identify your Marketing needs, and document them on a chart like the one below. Next, list when each item must be designed and created as well as who will be accountable for its timely and successful completion. This process will form part of your Marketing System.

Consider engaging a professional marketing firm to produce your final product. These exercises will help you get the most out of that engagement and reduce the fluff that can sometimes creep in.

Marketing Material Examples

  • Websites
  • Social media accounts
  • Radio advertisement scripts
  • Television advertisements scripts
  • Newspaper advertisement designs
  • Magazine advertisement designs
  • Flyer designs
  • Coupon designs
  • Email designs
Marketing MaterialsDesign DeadlineCreation DeadlinePerson Accountable
8.5x11 trifold colour flyerMay 10June 15Justine Keefer

This form may be used for organizing everything from content marketing to internet campaigns. Project planning forms may be used to plan these elements in detail and ensure their timely implementation.