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Remember, marketing is the vital link between your business and the market place. It's not something you do to pull customers in your doors; it's a way of life for your business and a reflection of your Corporate Culture. Marketing permeates the whole of your business, not just your marketing or sales departments. Customers don't just buy your products or services; they buy your whole business.

Your goal through marketing is to identify the needs of your customers and prospects, and to position your company as the solution to those needs. To do that your business must be “benefit focused,” rather than “feature focused.” In other words, everything that happens in your business must be done with your customer in mind.

Equally important is your adherence to your Corporate Values. Your company is founded on them so they must never be sacrificed for short-term gains. A strong adherence to your values and a “values-based” approach to marketing will pay off in the long run. Remember, real and lasting changes often begin slowly, so be persistently patient. Your efforts will pay off handsomely in the end.

And finally, congratulations! You have completed yet another significant step toward the development of a business and life of your own design. Be justifiably proud. Nothing is more rewarding than the fruits of your own labour.

Marketing is...

An offer to satisfy a desire,

a commitment to fulfill a need,

A promise of something better,

and an invitation to participate in a dream.

- Mark Wardell