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Branding Strategy

Your Branding Strategy pulls your Target Market work and your Positioning work together to act as a general branding guide for your business. It will act as a marketing guide for both the development and day-to-day operations of your business, much the same way your Strategic Objective does for your business as a whole. Based on your understanding of your Target Market and your Positioning, you'll now build a Branding Strategy with which you will fullfil the objectives of your Marketing department.

The following exercise will help you develop your Branding Strategy.

How will your Market Position be reflected by your employees and your corporate culture?

If you're still having difficulty finding a unique position for your business, try getting more specific. For example, you may not be the largest company in your industry, but you may be the fastest growing business of your type in your region. Your goal is to be a leader in some specific area. It’s a strategy that gives you tremendous credibility with your Target Market. If your business doesn't have a focus, or more likely, if it's vague, then you'll need to give this some serious thought. Keep at it until you either identify your Market Position, or come up with one you can aspire to. Also, review your Corporate Mission. It'll give you a starting point for brainstorming. Remember, for your Market Position to be attractive to your customer, it needs to be something your customer cares about.

How will your Market Position be reflected in your customer relations?

How will your Market Position be reflected in your facility design and maintenance?

How will your Market Position be reflected in your products and services?

How will your Market Position be reflected in any other aspect of your business?

Review your answers above and use the space below to write your Branding Strategy.