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True freedom is the result of a life lived on purpose, because unless you control your life, it will control you. It is the difference between a proactive existence and a reactive one.

This is especially true for your business. Unchecked, it can easily consume your life, turning you into your senior most employee, rather than the visionary leader you must be. The solution, of course, is control and control comes from organization.

As you know by now, an organized approach to running your business puts you in the driver’s seat. This is what your work in Management has been all about. You have organized the structure of your business, putting work in its proper place. You have organized your people, fitting them into that structure. And you have organized your corporate culture, nurturing a positive working environment.

Now, before you move on to the next book, take some time to review your progress so far. Are all of your management systems in place? Are you monitoring them effectively through your Key Performance Indicators? Is your corporate culture attracting and supporting the right type of employees for your business? If any aspects of your business management are not yet complete, organize and complete them before moving on.

And finally, congratulations on a job well done. In completing this Management book you have completed a significant milestone in the development of your business. While we still have a good deal of work ahead of us, take heart. Your business is already more organized than 80 percent of the businesses out there.

“Structure and organization lead to freedom and flexibility. Freedom and flexibility lead to confidence and determination. Confidence and determination lead to accomplishment and fulfillment. This is the strength of Management.”

- Mark Wardell