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Corporate Culture


Your Corporate Culture

Just as we have distinctive social cultures, your business has its own corporate culture. Your corporate culture is the social environment that permeates your business. It defines the attitudes your employees have toward each other, their work, and your customers, and it exists whether you like it or not.

So, unless you consciously shape your corporate culture, you may end up with something you never intended.

In some ways, all of the work you did in Leadership points in the direction of your corporate culture, but two areas in particular addressed the subject more specifically.

First, your “Code of Conduct” outlines the way you wish everyone in your company to behave and second, the Company Stories you developed define your company’s spirit. Review these before carrying on.

If you are to have any real impact on your corporate culture, you must start at the top. Expecting employees to respond to your ideas of corporate culture is futile without the cooperation of your leaders. Implement your cultural changes through your managers, as well as your non-managerial natural leaders, and the rest of your organization will eventually follow. Think of them as your allies in your cultural battle.

Corporate Cultural Strategy

Corporate culture can be a powerful management tool. It can encourage certain types of people to seek employment with your company and discourage others from applying. It can encourage teamwork, it can support individualism, it can promote innovative thinking and it can encourage pride in a company’s history.

Work plays an enormous part in people’s lives, so your best candidates will be looking for a culture they will enjoy. Encourage a culture that brings out the best in people, that empowers people, that people can be proud of, and that people want to be a part of. Not only will this attract the right kind of employees to your business, it will help to keep them there.

Corporate culture emerges from the values and beliefs of a company’s leaders. In other words, it starts with you. As the company grows, however, its culture evolves with it, taking on a life of its own. Corporate culture is the personality of your business and, like all of us, it needs to be pointed in the right direction occasionally to keep it from going astray. But how exactly do you do that? Changing a corporate culture is difficult and the larger the company, the more difficult it is.

We’ll begin this process by designing a strategy for your Corporate Culture. This will act as your guide for all of your culture related policies and systems.

Our Corporate Culture promotes a hardworking, family-oriented atmosphere. Prospects must jump through a lot of hoops to get a job here, so those who have made it feel part of a select and special group. This environment is nurtured through numerous social activities and a reward system that promotes excellence as well as teamwork.

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