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Pull it All Together

Based on your answers in sections 1 through 3, draft your Strategic Objectives. This will be a description of what your business will be like when you have successfully completed your current phase of business. Be as specific as possible but don’t go overboard with detail. The number of electrical outlets you’d like to have in your new facility is probably not all that important at this point.

Your Strategic Objectives

Use the template below to keep your Strategic Objectives organized into the 6 Key Business Areas. If you need more than 3 Strategic Objectives for each Key Business Area. Don't go overboard with this though, too many objectives become difficult to maintain.







Ask for Feedback.

Distribute all or part of your Strategic Objectives for feedback from all other major stakeholders.

Finalize your Strategic Objectives.

Taking into consideration any new information from your feedback process, produce your final draft.

Regularly Revisit and Evaluate Your Progress.

Your Strategic Objectives form a living document and should be revisited regularly. Some businesses find it necessary to do this as often as every quarter, but an annual review is usually sufficient. The world can change in a heartbeat and you need to be ready to respond. This is not to say, however, that you should continuously alter your plan. It is there to keep you on track. Only a major event should have an impact on it. Your Strategic Objectives are there to keep your business moving forward. Build it and let it do its job.

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