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Three Steps to Accountability

Following is a three-step process designed to help you and your team make less excuses and accept more accountability for yourself and for your business.

1. Be Aware

The reason excuses have such a powerful effect on our actions is that we don't think of them as excuses. Excuses can seem so real to us that we often interpret them as fact, rather than the illusion that they really are. Sometimes when we catch ourselves (or when we catch each other) making an excuse, it is all we need to put ourselves back on track.

2. Take Action

The next time you notice yourself searching for an excuses to give up on something important, stop what you are doing, reaffirm your commitment to your goals, and do something, no matter how small, that will help get you back on track. By refocusing your attention on your solutions, you will take your mind off your problems. You can only focus your attention on one thought at a time, so the simple act of redirecting your focus onto something constructive will help you to instantly see through the false reality created by your excuse.

3. Practice

What you're feeling here is a long standing, learned behaviour. Essentially, it's a habit. Breaking it will be difficult at first, but it will get easier over time. Keep working at it and before you know it you will have formed the new and significantly more empowering habit of perseverance.